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     Gianna Age: 24y.o.
  My name is Gianna and I am 24 years old. Ray saw me walking back from the gas station and offered me a ride back to the complex. He told me all about how he shoots amateur models and he wanted to know if I would do a shoot! I didn't know what to say because I didn't know where we would have done the shoot. At that time, Ray explained to me that we could do the shoot at his friends apartment! We did the shoot that same day, and the clothes that I have on are the same clothes that I had on when Ray picked me up walking back from the gas station! Everything was so spontaneous and nothing was ever really planned out, but I kinda liked it that way. Nude modeling has been something that I have thought about doing, but I never did until I met Ray. I am looking forward to shooting with Ray some other time too!
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